Going Green!

Realtyline is proud to be part of the “GOING GREEN” revolution. As real estate professionals, we understand that Green Real Estate is not only a responsible choice, but it is also economically beneficial. Happily the movement is gaining momentum.

There are many aspects of “Going Green” which are most important to our industry. To mention a few:

Energy efficient windows
Proper R-value of insulation
Grey water
Energy reduction through more efficient fixtures

The Realtyline office in Teaneck has an 8.3KW photovoltaic system. As a result, we are enjoying the benefits of solar energy production and net metering, while at the same time recognizing that we are part of a responsible solution to world concern over burgeoning energy use.

Realtyline is also transitioning to light fixtures that reduce our energy usage. We take this revolution seriously and have started the LEED program (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), with a LEED AP designation. Education is one of Realtyline’s top priorities. Educational studies have included photovoltaic applications and theories, and recycling of materials and other applications.

We realize that every day there are new developments in the “Going Green” wave and we are looking forward to continuing our commitment as responsible citizens to do our utmost to support and assist the endeavor.