NJ School Report Cards

Most often, when people plan to move across town, or across the country,that move usually involves children. One of the most important factors in determining where you will eventually move to is the quality of the school system, and the school, your child will attend. Comprehensive school information will empower you to make the best decision for your family and your child's education.

About the NJ School Report Cards

The New Jersey School Report Card is broken down into 4 main sections:School Environment, Student Information, Student Performance Indicators, and Other Performance Measures. The School Environment section shows you the schools performance and compares it to the average of all the students/computer ratio, and average class size. The Student information section informs you on the percentage of students with disabilities in the school, the language diversity of the school,and the enrollment for each grade level. The Student Performance Indicators section shows you the proficiency percentages for all students in the school taking The New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge and the GEPA tests and compares the scores to tat of the District, DFG, and the State. And finally, the Other Performance Measures section contains the percentages of both the school and state for attendance rates, student suspension, and student expulsions.

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